I had been plagued by sensitive stomach issues since donkey years ago. My friends from university remembered me having to rush to restrooms quite often due to my tummy disagreeing with what my taste buds prefer.

The breaking point came when I was on a tour to Vietnam and had to give up visiting the beautiful old city of Hoi An due to a major tummy upset. It was so bad, I was sick in bed for several days, missing half of my travel itinerary. I feared I would have to re-schedule my return flight to Singapore. Thankfully, I made it back as scheduled. That shook me up quite a bit, and I started seriously researching how to improve my gut health.

Earlier, at the advice of the gastro specialist, I had done both endoscopy and colonoscopy and ruled out any serious health issues.

So I started on my journey to learn how to improve my gut health.

This site serves to document my learnings and to share what I hope will be useful to others who have an interest in gut health.

If you have serious health issues with your gut, please seek professional help. I am an information specialist by day, and not a trained health professional. Though I try to use my research skills to present useful information as best I can, but these resources are not meant to replace professional help.

If you purchase items through the affiliate links from this website, I may earn a small commission to help keep the site going.

~ Jamie